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Lynn Mahoney

Lynn Mahoney Appointed President of San Francisco State University »

The California State University Board of Trustees appointed Lynn Mahoney to serve as the 14th president of San Francisco State University.


Bold Thinkers

Woman wearing mountain climbing gear holds up an SF State flag at the top of a mountain

A calculated risk

An SF State professor of marketing uses her Mount Everest climb as a context for her research on risk.
A large honeycomb covered in bees, held by a beekeeper whose face is blocked.

International pollinator study first of its kind to incorporate indigenous knowledge

Professor of Biology Gretchen LeBuhn was part of a study looking at how pollinators are valued worldwide.
A dark-colored bird perches on a tree branch

Q&A: The drama of a bird’s nest

Associate Professor of Biology Andrew Zink answers questions about cooperation and conflict in nature.

Getting women scientists the credit they deserve

A new study by SF State biologists is already helping to spotlight overlooked researchers.