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Hands raised at attention from different racial backgrounds and skin tones.

Study: Political parties sideline minority voters, leave other orgs to pick up the slack »

Outreach by nonpartisan institutions has increased nonwhite voter participation.


Bold Thinkers

Getting women scientists the credit they deserve

A new study by SF State biologists is already helping to spotlight overlooked researchers.
Dennis Desjardin posing with a large mushroom

The Namesmith

Professor of Biology Dennis Desjardin has named almost 300 fungi species. It was only a matter of time before he started having fun with it.
black and yellow pole banner

Study reveals strength of Filipino community ties in San Francisco

Community-based organizations, channeling the Filipino concept of “kapwa,” fill an important gap in city support for Filipino immigrants.
A group of 14 students smile at the camera

Students combine science and social consciousness

The SF BUILD Scholar program shows that science doesn’t have to happen in a vacuum.