Success Stories at SF State

Several people stand on a white boat on the water, handling a bright yellow buoy. A bridge and hills are in the background.

“BOB the Buoy” will teach scientists about SF Bay water quality »

A new buoy floating just offshore of the Estuary and Ocean Science Center represents the first effort to conduct long-term monitoring of acidification in the Bay. 



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Verónica Rabelo speaks to a class of students

Two San Francisco State researchers say clinical drug trials for antidepressants should use active placebos.


Student Success

BECA film students visiting Mexico

SF State MFA student Jen Cross recently published a book to help sexual trauma survivors heal through writing.



Professor stands in front of a bookcase

SF State professor of humanities takes a modern look at the topic of animal suicide and pushes for a revised definition of what constitutes suicide.



Professor Charmayne Hughes (gesturing) and project leader Tatiana Mariscal discuss the mPOWERED app with NeuroTech Lab students.

A new app designed by SF State's NeuroTech Lab will help emergency room doctors and other health care providers better evaluate and treat victims of intimate partner violence.




“Brave women are nothing new, raised voices are nothing new…What's new here is the level of listening.”

— San Francisco State Creative Writing Assistant Professor Carolina De Robertis, East Bay Express




 A field of yellow, purple and pink flowers
Research by SF State Professor of Biology Kevin Simonin provides a surprisingly simple answer to a question that's puzzled evolutionary biologists for 200 years.


Student Success

Ben Feldman teaches students

The student-led Experimental College – started in 1965 when students wanted more relevant classes – is getting a second act, with courses on topics from Chomsky to Syrian refugees.



Assistant Professor of Psychology Melissa Hagan

SF State Assistant Professor of Psychology Melissa Hagan's work sheds light on the unique challenges faced by children with post-traumatic stress disorder.



Students conduct a posture experiment

New work from SF State Health Education researchers shows that slouching can lead to hopeless, self-defeating thoughts.


Student Success

BECA film students visiting Mexico

SF State Broadcast and Electronic Arts (BECA) students traveled to Mexico to make films about issues of accessibility and public transportation.



Woman wearing purple pullover and hat holds a pair of tweezers and a small lizard, with a forest in the background

New work from SF State Professor of Biology Andrea Swei shows that the West Coast may have a thing or two to teach the East about Lyme disease.


#FBF: Commencement 2017 was filled with powerful speeches and memorable moments. Graduating Gators, are you getting ready for Commencement 2018? It's set for May 24. #SFSU2018