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Registration for SF State’s Sierra Nevada Field Campus now open

Anyone can enroll in courses ranging from birding to painting to astronomy at the scenic SNFC

Situated in the Gold Lakes Basin and Sierra Valley regions of the Sierra Nevada — a little more than 200 miles northeast of the main campus — is San Francisco State University’s Sierra Nevada Field Campus (SNFC). With scenic views and lots of wildlife, the campus makes for a unique classroom experience for anyone who enjoys learning about (and being in the middle of) nature. Registration for the SNFC’s 2023 workshops and classes is now open.

Every year from June to mid-August, the campus offers a variety of opportunities to learn about a range of topics, from birding and alpine painting to courses in insects, flora, fungi and more. Participants can immerse themselves in the beautiful locale as they learn. This year the SNFC is offering 7 accredited classes (through SF State’s College of Professional & Global Education) as well as 25 non-credit workshops.

Registration is open to SF State students as well as the general public. The campus is also home base for researchers studying the local terrain.

“That’s one of the nice things about the field campus in general is that we have a really broad variety of classes and workshops,” said SNFC Director J.R. Blair. “We have the researchers and we have people of all kinds of different backgrounds who come here, and they interact informally usually at dinner or perhaps around a campfire if we have that. It’s really neat to witness that there’s a lot of interaction.”

Though the SNFC was closed for the 2020 and 2021 seasons due to COVID-19, last year’s season may have been the biggest it’s ever had, Blair says, estimating that there were about 300 registrants compared to previous highs closer to 200.

“I have to say that our instructors are fabulous … ,” he explained, noting that one professor emeritus has been coming for 40 years. “And there are many instructors who’ve been doing this for 20, 25, 30 years. Everybody is really good at what they do, and the response from students is almost 100% favorable across the board. They really like it. Plus they like the food!”

SNFC has also hired a new SNFC Lead, Darrow Feldstein, who begins in early February.

Learn more about the Sierra Nevada Field Campus and register for classes today.

SF State’s College of Extended Learning renamed College of Professional and Global Education

Based in the University’s Downtown Campus, CPaGE offers weekend, evening and online courses, online degree completion, international education and much more

San Francisco State University’s College of Extended Learning is now the College of Professional & Global Education (CPaGE). The name change better reflects CPaGE’s current programming and mission: to provide student-driven educational opportunities for students to enhance their careers domestically or internationally, whether in the form of a degree or certificate.

The College of Professional & Global Education has over 60 programs, including online degree completion programs. The programs are achievable for new students, returning students, individuals in the midst of their careers and those who seek deepening knowledge in areas of their choosing. Many of these programs are online or hybrid.

Located in the heart of the Financial District, CPaGE is based at San Francisco State’s Downtown Campus, offering a different experience from the SF State main campus. Surrounded by innovative companies such as Google, Salesforce and more, students in all CPaGE programs can experience this unique location when classes are on-site. 

CPaGE global programs offer international students the opportunity to live in one of the world’s most famous cities, tour the beautiful state of California and participate in fun events at SF State with their American counterparts, all while taking courses to improve academic and language skills, earn a certificate or enroll in a pathway program to degree-seeking status at SF State.

“The new name will truly reflect SF State’s commitment to providing an accessible and affordable education pathway for all non-matriculated students and the international population,” said CPaGE Dean Alex Hwu. “The old name of ‘extended learning’ is very confusing for our partners and makes students feel that the courses are of lesser quality or not part of SF State’s offerings. CPaGE is welcomed by our staff and faculty members; it highlights their dedication to student success and social upward mobility for all learners. At the same time, it will align well for our strategic planning effort for the next three to five years.”

“I have worked with Dean Hwu for many years and am very excited about this latest accomplishment,” added Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Amy Sueyoshi. “This name change will have a positive effect for all of SF State as we work to better serve our local and international communities.”

Learn more about CPaGE programs.