Making Common

Photo of Adam Chuong's installation at the Making Common exhibition
Dates: February 6, 2020 to March 4, 2020
Location: DesignSpace (Room 115), Fine Arts building
Sponsor: School of Design
Hours: Mondays - Thursdays, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Cost: Free
Opening Reception:
Exhibit Contact: School of Design
Phone: 4153382211
Email: design@sfsu.edu

This traveling exhibition brings together art and design students, professors and practitioners who share a common interest in communicating non-normative experiences and perspectives. Collectively the show explores the expression of cultural identity, personal experiences and underrepresented narratives through photography, printed matter, installations, websites and videos. These works model alternative ways to use art and design to question and expand our worldview. Curated by Elaine Lopez.

This exhibit was most recently shown at the Maryland Institute College of Art's Bronze Gallery in fall 2019.

Climate Stories

Art piece: clump of feathers
Dates: October 1, 2019 to May 22, 2020
Location: Global Museum, Fine Arts building
Sponsor: Global Museum
Hours: Tuesdays – Thursdays, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.; Fridays by appointment
Cost: Free
Opening Reception:
Exhibit Contact: Global Museum
Phone: 415-338-6508
Email: globalmuseum@sfsu.edu

Climate change affects everyone, but it impacts different communities disproportionately. This exhibit examines the effects of climate change on different areas around the world from both an environmental and cultural standpoint and how it impacts traditional subsistence strategies, resources, material culture traditions and connections to land. Many indigenous communities, particularly islander and coastal communities, are adapting to changing conditions and are also threatened with losing ancestral homelands. The exhibit also explores action being taken now, both globally and at San Francisco State University, encouraging students and visitors to participate in the climate conversation. The exhibit features objects from the Global Museum’s collection, impressive objects on loan from the California Academy of Sciences department of anthropology, specimens from the SF State Harry D. Thiers Herbarium and spotlights on research and projects from SF State faculty and staff.


The Global Museum will also feature three other exhibit experiences: the Egyptian Learning Alcove, Story Lounge and Global Lives Project video installation.


The Egyptian Learning Alcove, which houses the museum’s two mummies, also features additional objects from the Sutro Egyptian Collection and discusses the process of mummification as well as misconceptions through popular culture. It is expected to open in November 2019.


The Story Lounge serves as a place for public programs and school field trips. It also features some objects (including the sarcophagi of Nes-Per-N-Nub, once a high priest of the Temple of Karnak) and the Magic Story Table, an interactive digital experience.


Global Lives Project is a video installation that will be playing on loop in the Global Lab. It can be viewed both inside the lab and outside in the rotunda hallway. More information on that project can be found here: https://globallives.org/about/overview/