Going Global: From San Francisco to the World

Dates: April 26, 2018 to April 26, 2019
Location: Fine Arts Building, Room 203
Sponsor: Global Museum
Hours: Tuesday through Thursday, 11am to 4pm, Friday by appointment (Summer hours: Thursday, 1pm to 4pm, and by appointment)
Cost: Free
Opening Reception:
Exhibit Contact: Gina Caprari, Museum Registrar
Phone: 415-405-3734
Email: gcaprari@sfsu.edu
Website: museum.sfsu.edu

Community. Culture. Connections. Going Global: From San Francisco to the World features a selection of objects from the Global Museum's diverse collections to foster dialogue about our common humanity. Showcasing items from Egypt, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas--ranging from ancient to contemporary--the exhibition explores different cultural and artistic traditions, environmental relationships, and connections between past and present that still resonate with us today.