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An anaxyrus americanaus frog

Deadly frog fungus dates back to 1880s, studies find

New research from Associate Professor of Biology Vance Vredenburg indicates frogs in Illinois and Korea have been co-existing for more than a century with parasite that has wiped out amphibian species in other parts of the world.

SF State student Liana Derus

Student's proposal results in change to legal code

SF State junior Liana Derus proposed getting rid of the requirement that gas stations provide separate bathrooms for men and women -- and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors agreed.

Professor and Chair of Psychology Jeff Cookston

Divorce fuels sugary beverage consumption

Children of divorced parents are likelier to drink soda or other sugary beverages than children in married families, an SF State study shows, but maintaining family routines can protect against unhealthy eating habits.    

Associate Professor of Computer Science Kazunori Okada

Computer technology aids medical advances

SF State's Biomedical Image & Data Analysis Lab finds new ways to use computer technology to assist doctors.


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