Success Stories at SF State

Anaiis holding a directors clapboard

Activist filmmaker among 23 top students honored by CSU Trustees »

Filmmaker and activist Anaiis Cisco is committed to ensuring that racial, ethnic and queer minorities are representing in film.



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Health & Social Sciences Dean Alvin Alvarez, wearing a gray suit, stands in front of plants, trees and flowers.

Alvin Alvarez has spent more than 20 years as a psychologist looking into the ways people experience racism and how discrimination impacts people of color, particularly Asian Americans.


Student Success

Traffic along 19th Avenue

Four SF State students have developed an app that compares current driving conditions and available parking spots on and around campus with public transit travel times.



Boy stares at DNA inside a plastic vial

The Health Equity Research Lab took to the road to teach kids about DNA. Ultimately, the researchers want to increase the number of underrepresented minority students in science to improve community health.



A woman sits on a ladder while working on a large orange painting.

Researchers found that workers with low occupational requirements for creativity, such as cashiers or security guards, benefitted the most from creative activities during their free time.




“The big question is: What’s America? Who’s an American? ….What does it mean to be an American? Are we a multicultural, multiracial, open society? Are we more of a white Christian version? That’s partly what’s being asked and being answered in these different ways with different laws, policies, movements.”

— Associate Professor of Political Science Ron Hayduk, The New York Times



Campus News

A dozen bright green marijuana plants.

Local governments in California will soon be flush with cash from a potentially lucrative source: pot sales. An SF State study conducted by students recommends ways new revenue could help fund community programs.


Student Success

In a laboratory, SF State graduate student Kaylie Marsh and Assistant Professor of Kinesiology Jimmy Bagley look through a microscope at muscle tissue samples taken as part of a study into the effects of weightlessness on muscles

An exploratory study done conducted at SF State found that the muscles of female astronauts could fare pretty well during a prolonged spaceflight and could provide a framework for identifying exercise regimens for female astronauts during spaceflight.



Map of Ring of Fire research area

SF State Associate Professor of Earth and Climate Sciences Jason Gurdak is one of 50 scientists conducting nexus research as part of a Japanese-based project. Gurdak examines the best ways to sustainably manage water, energy and food.


Student Success

Two SF State students hold a poster that details their analysis of anti-retroviral therapy adherence among men who have HIV.

SF State nursing students found that two very simple interventions — treatment for depression and regular text messages and cell phone calls — can greatly improve the rate of anti-retroviral therapy adherence.



Brad Hogarth annotates music composition

An SF State music professor will conduct Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring” performed by a group of at least 75 artists, including fire-breathers and a contortionist at the Burning Man festival.



SF State Professor of Health Education Adam Burke stands in front of a bookshelf in an office at the College of Health and Social Sciences.

Researchers compare uses and benefits of mantra, mindfulness and spiritual meditation, with mindfulness practice considered “the soup du jour in terms of meditation,” says one expert.


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