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Graduate student Salma Abdel-Raheem looks at the camera with campus greenery in the background

Geography & Environment graduate student receives CSU Trustees’ Award »

Graduate student Salma Abdel-Raheem is on a mission to make science more relevant to local communities. 


Bold Thinkers

Jan Randall speaks in front of a screen depicting a map.

Making her own way

Being a woman in science wasn’t easy for Jan Randall. So she worked to ensure that the next generation get the support they need.
Sarita Cannon standing next to concrete columns

What do Beyoncé and Audre Lorde have in common?

Three questions for Associate Professor of English Sarita Nyasha Cannon
Hanna Butler-Struben with trees in background

Painful inspiration

For this graduate student, chronic migraines sparked an interest in studying pain.

Work culture matters when it comes to high blood pressure

SF State research finds that the psychological demands of a job and workplace culture can increase the prevalence of high blood pressure.