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SF State will open campus to prospective students during the annual Sneak Preview event on Saturday, April 8. Between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. admitted students and freshmen can learn all about campus life.



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Frog in pond

Decimated for years, yellow-legged frog populations in Yosemite appear to be rebounding, according to new research co-authored by Professor of Biology Vance Vredenburg.



SF State Professor and Chair of Philosophy Anita Silvers in her office, surrounded by colorful mementoes and artwork —gifts given by students and colleagues during the past 50 years.

Anita Silvers, professor and chair of SF State’s Department of Philosophy and a nationally recognized advocate for disability rights, begins her fiftieth year of teaching full-time this year.


Student Success

Marisa Jimison

SF State senior Marisa Jimison is among the top scholars recognized by the California State University Trustees.


Campus News

Professors Joel Kassiola and Marcela Garcia-Castañon are smiling with book-lined shelves in the background.

SF State’s “2016 Presidential Election Public Lecture Series” informs students and public about major issues.



"The sanctions are very strict and very tough. ... There's a $184 million fine imposed on Wells Fargo. That's less than one percent of their profits, right? So it really comes down to the sanctions."

— Assistant Professor of Economics Venoo Kakar, on state sanctions against Wells Fargo Bank

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Campus News

Jason Bell

Project Rebound, a program that provides college access to formerly incarcerated individuals and dramatically reduces the likelihood they will return to prison, will expand to seven additional CSU campuses.



Person holds up bottle cap

Tracey Helton Mitchell’s memoir dispenses no guff, heaping doses of hope for heroin addicts.


Student Success

Timothy Walker

Timothy Walker is the youngest member appointed by Attorney General Kamala Harris to California's newly established Racial and Identity Profiling Advisory Board.


Student Success

Hana Shirriel

SF State public health graduate student Hana Shirriel was recently selected by the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship to its 2016-2017 class of Bay Area Schweitzer Fellows.



Luz Calvo (left) and Catriona Esquibel stand in their backyard

"Decolonize Your Diet," co-authored by an SF State faculty member, suggests adopting a traditional diet based on indigenous plants.



Woman shopping in store

Two SF State business professors publish article on a newly identified type of consumer for whom shopping is akin to athletic competition.


SF State was founded 118 years ago today in 1899! (Scroll through to see more photos.) It first opened as San Francisco State Normal School, a teacher training school and tuition was free. The second photo shows the university's first graduating class (1901). Photo three was taken after the school was destroyed by the 1906 earthquake, but it was up and running again 10 days later at a new location. And in photo four check out how much commencement ceremonies have changed since 1911. Happy Birthday, #SFSU!