Success Stories at SF State

Three students climb on the colorful new climbing wall at the Mashouf Wellness Center.

Green-designed Mashouf Wellness Center opens its doors »

After two years of construction, the Mashouf Wellness Center is set to open its doors, and it promises to be a hub of student activity. The green-designed center features an indoor jogging track, two pools, fitness and weight areas, a climbing wall and a large multi-use space that can play host to team sport activities as well as student events like dances and large lectures.



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Health & Social Sciences Dean Alvin Alvarez, wearing a gray suit, stands in front of plants, trees and flowers.

Alvin Alvarez hopes to bring research on effects of racism into communities


Student Success

Traffic along 19th Avenue

Four SF State students develop app that could help shave time off commutes to campus



Boy stares at DNA inside a plastic vial

The Health Equity Research Lab took to the road to teach kids about DNA



A woman sits on a ladder while working on a large orange painting.

SF State study finds that security guards, truck drivers could benefit most from free-time pursuits




“The big question is: What’s America? Who’s an American? ….What does it mean to be an American? Are we a multicultural, multiracial, open society? Are we more of a white Christian version? That’s partly what’s being asked and being answered in these different ways with different laws, policies, movements.”

— Associate Professor of Political Science Ron Hayduk, The New York Times



Campus News

A dozen bright green marijuana plants.

Research explores revenue streams after medical marijuana was legalized in the state in 1996.


Student Success

In a laboratory, SF State graduate student Kaylie Marsh and Assistant Professor of Kinesiology Jimmy Bagley look through a microscope at muscle tissue samples taken as part of a study into the effects of weightlessness on muscles

An SF State kinesiology student’s research gives clues on how women’s muscles would fare during Mars mission.



Map of Ring of Fire research area

SF State students’ analysis finds phone contact, depression treatment increase medication adherence


Student Success

Two SF State students hold a poster that details their analysis of anti-retroviral therapy adherence among men who have HIV.

SF State students’ analysis finds phone contact, depression treatment increase medication adherence



Brad Hogarth annotates music composition

The Playa Players Collective will perform Igor Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” at Burning Man



SF State Professor of Health Education Adam Burke stands in front of a bookshelf in an office at the College of Health and Social Sciences.

Researchers compare uses and benefits of mantra, mindfulness and spiritual meditation


Can you tell these two are excited about their freshman year? Well, we are too! Move-in Day is Saturday and classes start the Aug. 23. #SFSU #SFStateWelcome  by @cho1102