Water bottle filling stations installed

Eleven new water bottle filling stations offer the campus community a convenient and ecofriendly way to stay hydrated.

A photo of the water bottle filling station in the HSS building.

Water bottle filling stations promote the use of reusable canteens, a more sustainable alternative to purchasing bottled water.

Almost all on-campus buildings are now equipped with at least one water bottle filling station, making reusable water bottles more convenient. Existing water fountains remain intact, but the addition of the bottle filling spout allows for easier access to the tap.

Reusable containers like aluminum or plastic canteens are more sustainable alternatives to disposable plastic bottles. The average student spends hundreds of dollars each year purchasing bottled water, and more than 38 million of those plastic bottles end up in landfills annually, according to SF State’s Office of Sustainability.

San Francisco’s tap water comes from the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in Yosemite National Park. According to a study by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, San Francisco tap water is among the cleanest in the country, and safer than many bottled waters on the market.

The student group Take Back the Tap campaigned last fall to communicate the consequences of purchasing bottled waters and encourage the University to invest in bottle filling facilities. The Office of Sustainability has published a map detailing the locations of each new water bottle filling station throughout campus.

View Water Bottle Filling Stations at SF State in a larger map

-- Gianna Devoto