University begins design of new recreation wellness center

SF State has started design of a student recreation wellness center that is expected to be completed in 2016. The facility will offer space for students to exercise and play intramural sports, contributing to a vibrant student activity zone on the northern edge of the campus.

A section of the campus map showing the location of the new recreation wellness center on the north side of Winston Drive.

The new recreation wellness center will be located on the north side of Winston Drive (see top right of map) on the site of Parking Lot 25 and the former Sutro Library.

The 112,000-square-foot facility will be located on Winston Drive, west of Stonestown Galleria Mall. It will be constructed on the site of Parking Lot 25 and the former Sutro Library, which has been relocated to the renovated J. Paul Leonard Library.

The center will include a two-court gym, a multi-activity court gym, climbing wall, weight and fitness space, elevated jogging track, indoor swimming pool and spaces for students to socialize. The project will also include a safe and accessible pedestrian connection to the main campus. In addition, the site will be prepared for a future softball field and recreation field.

"The recreation wellness center will be a hub of activity and will provide a much-needed communal space where students can come together to focus on health, exercise and wellness," said Dean of Students Joseph Greenwell. "It will be a big addition to the campus, allowing us to serve our students better."

The $80 million project will be funded through student fees, approved in 2010 with student support of the new facility. Since the inception of the project, students have been involved in the planning process.

"This will be a wonderful facility where students will be able to work out, hang out with their friends and play intramural sports," said Adenike Hamilton, President of Associated Students Inc. "What's special about this project is that the students wanted a recreation center, students are paying for it and it's being designed and built with student input."

Construction of the recreation wellness center is expected to begin in spring 2014 and be completed in early 2016. It will be the first new building constructed as part of SF State's master plan, which was approved in 2007.

"This facility will revitalize the northwest side of the campus," said Simon Lam, associate vice president for capital design, planning and construction. "The building will shape SF State's public face, serving as a positive signpost and welcoming gateway as you approach the University from the north."

The building will be designed and constructed to a LEED Gold level standard, a measure of sustainability established by the U.S. Green Building Council.

--Elaine Bible