Transport debates unfold on streets of San Francisco (VIDEO)

On San Francisco's Market Street, historic streetcars rattle along next to electric buses, cars and an increasing contingent of bicycle commuters. This central thoroughfare is a microcosm of the "politics of mobility" that Associate Professor of Geography Jason Henderson researches in San Francisco.

Photo of San Francisco's Market Street, with buses, cars and cyclists on the street

San Francisco's busy Market Street. Click on image to watch the video.

Henderson analyzes the political debates that surround transport planning in San Francisco. His research examines how the push and pull over urban transportation plays out at city hall, in community meetings and on the streets where cars, buses, trams, cyclists and pedestrians compete for limited space in a dense city of 47 square miles.

"San Francisco has this role as a bellwether," Henderson said. "If this city can start providing true alternatives to the car, through the built environment and through the different modes that people use, then it will be a model for the rest of the country…for a less car dependent future."

Watch the video about Jason Henderson's research on the politics of mobility

-- Elaine Bible