Students lend a hand for a greener campus

More than 20 students took up shovels at a volunteer work party this week, installing 2,500 square feet of native grass sod between the Science Building and 19th Avenue. The volunteers prepared the ground and laid rolls of green turf as part of the campus grounds department's ongoing efforts to improve the sustainability of campus landscaping.

Photo of students unrolling rolls of green turf onto the ground

"This native grass will grow so slow that we'll hardly need to mow it," said Landscape Technical Services Coordinator Davin Wentworth-Thrasher. He also noted that this hardy, native variety will save water and create a favorable habitat for wildlife.

Photo of two students pushing a heavy rolling machine over the newly laid turf

Many of the volunteers were from the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, while others, such as student Micky St. Paul Mejia, came along to earn extra credit for their World of Plants biology class. "I love our pretty campus and will do anything to make it even better," Mejia said.

Check out more photos of the campus grounds work party on Facebook. For information about campus grounds volunteer work days, contact Davin Wentworth-Thrasher.

-- Elaine Bible