Students excel at CSU Research Competition

SF State students took home three first-place and two second-place awards at the 27th Annual California State University Research Competition, the most in the 23-campus CSU system for the third year.

The competition, which recognizes outstanding undergraduate and graduate student accomplishments in a broad range of academic fields, was held May 10 and 11 at California Polytechnic University, Pomona.

"SF State students have done extraordinarily well over the last few years because they are so prepared by their faculty mentors to share their work, and they do so with enthusiasm and in support of their fellow students," said Dean of Graduate Studies Ann Hallum.

Overall, SF State sent 10 students to the CSU-wide event. Each student took first place in his or her respective categories at the SF State level of the research competition.

The following, all graduate students, received CSU-level awards:


First place winners

A photo of graduate student Shad Kish holding her award at the CSU Research Competition.

Graduate student Shad Kish won first place in the Engineering and Computer Sciences category at the CSU Research Competition on May 10-11 for her presentation, "Miniaturizing RFID for Biomedical Implants."

Business, Economics & Public Administration:

Adam Sharma

Title: Patient No-Shows: Identifying the Determinants of a Patient’s Likelihood to No-Show

Mentor: Sheldon Gen, associate professor of public administration


Creative Arts and Design:

Todd Wilkinson

Title: Re-Connecting Manual Wheelchair Users with Nature

Mentor: Hsiao-Yun Chu, assistant professor of design and industry


Engineering and Computer Sciences:

Shad Kish

Title: Miniaturizing RFID for Biomedical Implants

Mentor: Hao Jiang, assistant professor of engineering


Second place winners

A photo of graduate student Mark Joffe presenting at the CSU Research Competition.

Graduate student Marc Joffe delivers his presentation "Drivers of Municipal Bond Defaults during the Great Depression," which won second place in the Business, Economics and Public Administration category at the CSU Research Competition on May 10-11.

Business, Economics & Public Administration:

Marc Joffe

Title: Drivers of Municipal Bond Defaults during the Great Depression

Mentor: Genie Stowers, professor of public administration


Biological & Agricultural Sciences:

Robert A. Vogt

Title: An Investigation of Feeding by Copepod Nauplii on Phytoplankton Using Epifluorescence Microscopy and High-Throughput Microplate Reader Assay

Mentor: Wim Kimmerer, senior research scientist at the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies


The following students participated in the CSU Research Competition after winning first-place at the SF State research competition:

  • Pingedwinde N. Sam (undergraduate): Biological and Agricultural Sciences
  • Brian Cruz (graduate): Physical and Math Sciences
  • Laurie Scolari (Ed.D.): Education
  • Ben LaRiviere (undergraduate): Engineering and Computer Sciences
  • Alyssa Palfreyman (graduate): Physical and Math Sciences

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-- Jonathan Morales