Ropes course takes students to new heights (VIDEO)

SF State’s Pacific Leadership Institute brings new meaning to the term "learning the ropes."  For more than 30 years, the institute has operated the Fort Miley Ropes Course in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, using outdoor recreational challenges to help build personal confidence and teamwork among students and other participants.

A photo of a student jumping. Link leads to relevant Youtube video

Participants climb trees and walls, walk tightropes and balance on pedestals and ladders up to 45 feet in the air while their teammates support them from the ground. The program helps train SF State students who are learning to be recreation and fitness leaders. It also provides the ultimate test in leadership, cooperation and self-confidence for individuals and teams throughout the Bay Area. The lessons learned stay with participants long after their feet have returned to the ground. Clients have included youth groups, Stanford University, Siemens, Americorps and the San Francisco Unified School District.

Click here for a brief video about the course. For more information about the Fort Miley Ropes Course and other Pacific Leadership Institute programs visit:

-- Denize Springer