Take one step closer to graduation with Winter Session

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Registration for Winter Session 2020 starts Nov. 4

Want to get closer to earning a degree? Taking classes during Winter Session is a great way to speed up your journey to graduation.
Winter Session 2020, running from Jan. 2 through 22, allows students to earn up to four units that may count toward a degree. Admission is available to San Francisco State University students and the greater Bay Area community.
Students can choose from 67 classes — 20 lower division and 47 upper division. While some classes are offered on campus, students enjoying winter break outside the Bay Area have 50 online courses to choose from.
“SF State is committed to supporting our students graduating in four years. Winter Session is a great opportunity to get a jump start in reaching that goal,” said Alex Hwu, interim dean of the University’s College of Extended Learning. “We are offering more online courses to create schedule flexibility, allowing students to study at their own pace without location limitations — a true benefit of our student-centered learning environment.”
Find more information about Winter Session 2020 online at cel.sfsu.edu/winter.