Sneak Preview welcomes admitted students to explore campus life

Student ambassadors Joshua-Dave Minoza and Rachelle Chaturabul will be on hand to welcome admitted students to Sneak Preview.

SF State wants to inform, empower and support prospective students by inviting them to campus on April 8.

Student Rachelle Chaturabul visited Sneak Preview before attending San Francisco State University. Now as a student majoring in sociology, she’s working as a student ambassador for Student Outreach Services and is encouraging prospective students to attend Sneak Preview Day.

“It’s the main reason I chose SF State,” she said. ”Sneak Preview is meant to welcome students and I think it does a really good job doing that. It made me look forward to college because I got to see daily life on campus,” she said.  

SF State will open campus to prospective students, their families and friends during the annual Sneak Preview event on Saturday, April 8. Between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. admitted students and freshmen can learn all about campus life. SF State colleges, academic programs, departments, organizations and services will be represented. Prospective students can attend workshops, go on campus tours and learn about the more than 100 majors offered.  And, they can conveniently accept their admission offers by visiting a designated area in the J. Paul Leonard Library.

“The main goal is for admitted students to really see the campus and what it has to offer all in one day,” said interim director for Student Outreach Services Maritza Pulido. “We want to make sure that they feel informed, empowered and supported in taking the right steps to be ready for their first day of school.”

The annual event also offers financial aid and housing information. The housing office will be open and we will be hosting virtual housing tours so students can see their different options and have any questions answered, Pulido said. Information on student services and organizations will also be available.

“We hope it will be a really fun day, not only for the students but for their families as well. A lot of the families join in and for some it is either their first time on a college campus or on a college tour. It is a really great way for students and their families to come explore, get questions answered, make connections and engage with faculty and staff,” Pulido said.

Sneak Preview typically has between 10,000 and 12,000 visitors every year. “There is a lot more buzz and a lot more excitement this year. There is going to be a strong sense of representation from all campus units and I think it is going to make Sneak Preview extra special this time,” Pulido adds.

Chaturabul is also excited for April 8 and encourages students to attend one of the campus tours. “I would also always advise students to talk to department representatives in the majors they are interested in. It really helps to give a clear picture of what it’s going to look like being a student at SF State,” she says.

“Even if you are on the fence about what major you might want to choose – just go. Sneak Preview is really important and can play a crucial role in determining what school to pick.”

For more information about Sneak Preview visit Student Outreach Services.