SF State staff, faculty honored for years of service

Beatriz Zambrano, who was honored for 20 years of service to SF State, enjoys the recognition luncheon with her daughter, Jhanira Da Silva.

Beatriz Zambrano (right), who was honored for 20 years of service at SF State, enjoys the recognition luncheon with her daughter, Jhanira Da Silva.

Behind-the-scenes heroes recognized

In a university the size of a small city, many people work tirelessly — some for decades — to make things run smoothly. On June 6, San Francisco State University honored 73 employees for service milestones ranging from five to 50 years at a recognition luncheon in Jack Adams Hall.

“The reputation of the University sits on your shoulders, on all of us together,” said SF State President Leslie E. Wong. “Your collective work reflects how the University is perceived and makes me proud.”

From administrative support staff to facilities operations workers, deans, professors and student services professionals, everyone has made an important contribution, said President Wong.

Long-tenured employees have seen many changes in the University: a growing student body; new buildings on campus; a new graduation venue at AT&T Park; and more.

“In my 30 years of service, I have witnessed the whole cycle of how the University has become stronger and grown. I’m happy to be a small part of this life cycle,” said Loan Nguyen, a student services professional.

Twenty-year employee Tuan Anh Do, the senior director of Infrastructure Services, worked his way up to his current position from an operating systems analyst. He said he doesn’t do what he does for praise. “We are here to provide service to the students, staff and faculty,” he said. “Every day presents a new challenge and a new opportunity to build a better University. I believe strongly that we all have the ability to add value to the mission of the University and can do so with a positive outlook. Although change is hard, the reward of a smile or a ‘thank you’ is enough to shape our journey.”

Credential Analyst Myla Marcelino-Adeva, another 20-year employee, said she is proud of having helped thousands of students earn their teaching, administrative and service credentials. Business Hardware Specialist Jeff O’Toole said he supports students by creating a comfortable lab environment in the College of Business where students can work collaboratively. Like the other honorees, he has seen the University change for the better in many ways. “I’ve seen a big increase in funding for tutoring, and students being able to take advantage of that. That’s something I didn’t have as a student,” said O’Toole.