SF State graduate makes headlines around the world 31 years after she was born on campus

Before sunrise on Nov. 5, 1984, a young SF State student quietly gave birth to a baby in her dormitory room. Several hours later, Baby Jane Doe was discovered in a box in Verducci Hall's first floor laundry room, and her story made headlines for weeks. The journey that began on campus more than 31 years ago for Baby Jane Doe — now Jillian Sobol — was completed on May 27 when Sobol graduated from the university where she began her life. 

On Commencement day, Jillian made headlines once again when she told her story to San Francisco Chronicle reporter Nanette Asimov and the article was picked up by newspapers, television and radio stations throughout the world, including NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, People magazine, Cosmopolitan and the New Zealand Herald.  

"You never know what someone's dealing with or where they came from," Sobol said. "I am very lucky because I've been surrounded by nothing but love and support by my parents and the community and the school. I believe in hope for the future and hope for tomorrow." 

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