Registration for Winter Session opens Nov. 2

Two students studying inside a classroom

Nearly 60 classes available to help students get closer to graduation; also open to the public

Looking to speed up your path to graduation? Nearly 60 classes will be offered during this year’s Winter Session, and SF State is making it easier for students to access courses and match them with their degree requirements.

Registration for Winter Session (Dec. 27 to Jan. 19) begins Nov. 2, and students can view the entire course schedule online at Enrollment is open to all SF State students, prospective students, visitors and the community. Current students can earn up to four academic credits and apply them toward their degree.

Of the 58 Winter Session classes, 35 are upper division and 38 will be online. In addition, SF State’s newly revamped class schedule webpage will allow students to see exactly which University requirements can be met by each course.

“SF State-matriculated students use Winter Session to take classes so they can graduate sooner, or to repeat classes to meet prerequisites,” said Dean of the College of Extended Learning Guido Krickx. “Since registration for Spring and Winter Session overlap, students interested in making faster progress can take a class in the winter, enabling them to take other or more advanced courses in the spring. That’s a good strategy for students seeking to accelerate their progress toward their degrees.”

Classes are held during two sessions: Dec. 23-Jan. 19 and Jan. 3-Jan. 19. More information can be found online at