Media Advisory: SF State experts available to comment on 2012 elections and California politics


SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 24, 2012 -- San Francisco State University has faculty experts available to comment on the presidential election, congressional elections and California politics. For additional assistance reaching an expert, contact the Office of University Communications at (415) 338-1665.


National politics and the presidential election:

Robert C. Smith, professor of political science, is a nationally-recognized expert and author on U.S. politics and African-American politics. Smith can discuss the presidential election, Obama's first term in office, the role of race in Obama's presidency and reelection campaign and the polarization of American politics along partisan and racial lines.

Contact Smith at (415) 338-7524 (office) or


Sally Baack, professor of management, is an expert on strategic and corporate management and CEO behavior. She can discuss issues faced by corporate executives running for public office, including presidential candidates' track record as business leaders.

Contact Baack at (415) 817-4312 (office) or


Francis Neely, associate professor of political science, is an expert on independent voters, partisanship and how voters form affiliations with political parties. Neely can also comment on redistricting at the state and federal level and ranked choice voting. 

Contact Neely at (415) 338-1522 (office) or


Andrew Jolivette, associate professor and chair of American Indian studies, is an expert on mixed-race identity and is author of the new book "Obama and the Biracial Factor: The Battle for a New American Majority." Jolivette can discuss how Obama and the media choose to identify his racial identity, Obama's appeal to people of color and whether Obama has changed perceptions of race relations in the U.S.

Contact Jolivette at (415) 338-2701 (office) or


Belinda Reyes, associate professor of Raza studies, can discuss the Latino vote and immigration issues, including the DREAM Act.  She is available for interviews in Spanish and English.

Contact Reyes at (415) 405-7586 (office) or


California politics:

Jason McDaniel, assistant professor of political science, is an expert on California politics. He can discuss the politics around Governor Brown's fiscal reforms, how cities are adapting to the Governor's elimination of Community Redevelopment Agencies, and the redistricting of San Francisco's supervisorial districts. McDaniel can also comment on the presidential election, including voter behavior and turnout and election forecasting.

Contact McDaniel at (415) 338-2736 (office) or


Media and campaign communications:

Joseph Tuman, professor and chair of communication studies, is an expert on campaign strategy and communications. He can comment on presidential candidates' speeches, debates and interaction with the news media, and he can discuss television commercials, negative advertising and campaign financing and expenditure. He is the author of "Political Communication in American Campaigns."

Contact Tuman at (415) 338-1813 (office) or


Melissa Camacho, associate professor of broadcasting and electronic communication arts, is an expert on feminism and the mass media. She can discuss depictions of female political candidates in the media, particularly on television. She is available for interviews in Spanish and English.

Contact Camacho at (415) 338-6526 (office) or


Miriam Smith, associate professor of broadcast and electronic communication arts, is an expert on media ethics and media law. She can comment on the ethics and responsibility of the media with respect to how they cover presidential candidates and their race, gender and religion.

Contact Smith at (415) 338-1611 (office) or


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