Grant creates new courses with environmental focus

Funding from the California State University’s "Campus as a Living Lab" Grant Program will create five new courses at SF State focused on the environment.

The ‘Campus as a Living Lab’ Grant Program encourages faculty to collaborate with facilities management, using the campus as a classroom to teach environmental principles.

A photo of the Bike Barn at SF State.

The Bike Barn is open five days a week during the academic year, providing a safe place for bicycle commuters to lock up. Associate Professor of Geography and Environment Jason Henderson created a bike-centric course, Bicycle Geographies, to be offered for the first time in spring 2014.

“SF State has had a long-standing commitment to sustainability. It’s great to see this support from the CSU,” said Sustainability Programs Manager Caitlin Steele. “This grant bridges the gap between administration and faculty, it gets the two working together to make the environment a priority.”

Project proposals were developed in conjunction with Physical Planning & Development and approved by the department’s Senior Associate Vice President Marilyn Lanier.  

SF State’s four successful project proposals, which received a total of $38,207 in funding, will produce the following courses:


Bicycle Geographies, spring 2014

Associate Professor of Geography and Environment Jason Henderson created a new course focused on the theories and practices of sustainable transportation. Students will examine the economic and political impact of bicycling and analyze the bike routes available to SF State’s commuters. 


Sustainable Supply Chain Management, spring 2014

Associate Professor of Decision Sciences Susan Cholette redesigned an upper-division elective within the decision sciences department. Students will analyze SF State’s goods and service deliveries and develop recommendations for ways to reduce emissions.


Future Environment and Geographic Measurement, fall 2014

Assistant Professor of Geography and Environment Tendai Chitewere and Associate Professor of Geography and Environment XiaoHang Liu collaborated on two geography courses. Future Environment students will examine environmental issues on campus, while Geographic Measurement students will apply statistical analysis to locations of possible improvements.


Introduction to Environmental Science, fall 2014

Professor of Geography and Environment Barbara Holzman created a general education course that will introduce concepts of environmental science to undergraduate students. Using the campus as the primary lab site, students will investigate campus biodiversity, air quality, waste streams and other environmental concerns.


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-- Gianna Devoto