Grad student’s work screened at NY Film Festival

Graduate cinema student Joey Izzo joined Hollywood heavyweights and indie auteurs showcasing their films at the 2011 New York Film Festival. His avant-garde short, “Bare Room” was screened at the festival on Oct.  8 and 9 as part of a program titled “John Zorn: A Film in 15 Scenes.”

A shot from the film in which a man is peering into a room through a slightly opened door.

From Joey Izzo’s “Bare Room”

Izzo based the film on a script by the avant-garde composer and musician John Zorn. “Bare Room” is a thematic collage of images from home movies, commercials, B-movies, industrial films, animation and other cinematic treats.  Such images as speeding trains, steaming teapots, fishing Eskimos and passionate coupling appear, dissolve and reform throughout the 31.5-minute film. Izzo said that the rapid succession of disparate scenes prompts viewers to absorb and process aural and visual information in an unconventional way.

“It requires the viewer to concentrate less on narrative coherence and plot solvability,” Izzo said. “’Bare Room’ champions the mysterious and balks rationally at every turn.”

 Festival promoters called Izzo’s film a “fractured noir murder mystery.”

-- Denize Springer