Fall undergrad applications rise

Students are applying in record numbers to California State University (CSU) campuses, including SF State. Applications from prospective freshmen and transfer students have increased throughout the 23-campus system for a third consecutive year.

Photo of San Francisco State University sign at 19th Avenue

The CSU system received a total of 665,860 undergraduate applications during the fall priority application period (Oct. 1 – Nov. 30), compared with 611,225 last year.

“This is a good indication that there is a continued demand for a CSU education,” said Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management Jo Volkert.  “At SF State, the numbers of applicants have been steadily growing for at least the past decade.” She noted the increase throughout the CSU system could be due in part to the fact that students apply to multiple schools in the system and have been applying to more and more schools in general over the past few years. “The budget uncertainty may cause them to hedge their bets because they want to maximize their options,” Volkert said.  

First time freshman applications to the SF State fall 2012 semester totaled 30,873 -- up 4.3 percent from 29,506 applications in 2011.  While transfer student applications have dropped at eight CSU campuses, SF State had a 3.9 percent increase with 15,499 applications compared with 14,914 last year.

The CSU system continues to attract students who reflect the diversity of the California population. Based on self-reported statistical data, no ethnic or racial group forms a majority among CSU undergraduate applicants. However, this is the first year that Latino applicants outnumbered white applicants (33.3 percent to 31.2 percent).  

Applications to SF State graduate and credential programs are down slightly, to date, with 58 fewer applications than last year. Only eight CSU campuses welcomed more graduate applications than last year. However, graduate program application deadlines remain open at all CSU campuses. According to SF State Dean of Graduate Studies Ann Hallum, the fall semester deadlines for some graduate programs can remain open as late as July and applications do not usually peak until March or April. For more detailed information about SF State graduate applications and deadlines, visit the graduate program website.

To apply to any CSU online visit CSU Mentor or the campus of choice website.


-- Denize Springer