Offices Open on Campus

Web page last updated on March 25 at 8:45 a.m. PT.


Most University offices have shifted operations to make their services available remotely, including selected offices noted in the Remote Services section below. Several offices also remain open on campus. Find details in the following list. Before coming to campus, please check the availability of staff in offices whose services you seek.

Links to hours of operation of Offices Open on Campus

On-campus Services




Academic Affairs Administration Building – 4th Floor (415) 338-1141
Accounts Payable Administration Building (415) 405-3693
Basic Needs — Showers Mashouf Wellness Center (415) 405-0485
Bursar’s Office Administration Building  (415) 338-1281
Counseling and Psychological Services Student Services Building (415) 338-2208 Please call to contact
Dean of Students Office Student Services Building (415) 338-8888
Environment, Health and Safety Administration Building (415) 338-2565
Facilities Corp Yard (415) 338-1568
Fiscal Affairs Administration Building (415) 338-1420
Food Vendors Cesar Chavez Student Center (415) 338-1708
Gator Groceries Cesar Chavez Student Center Please email to contact
Housing 800 Font Blvd. (415) 338-1067 
Human Resources Administration Building (415) 338-1872
Information Technology Services Administration Building (415) 338-1420
Library Resources Library 415-338-1854
Mail Services Corp Yard Please email to contact
Property Office Corp Yard Please email to contact
Residential Life 800 Font Blvd. 415-338-1067
Shipping & Receiving Corp Yard Please email to contact
Student Health Center Student Health Center 415-338-1251
University Police Department University Police Department 415-338-2222


List of Offices providing Remote Services

Remote Services



Campus Recreation Please email to contact
Career Services and Leadership Development (415) 338-1764
Disability Programs and Resource Center (415) 338-2472
Educational Opportunity & Pathway Programs Please email to contact
Equity and Community Inclusion (415) 338-7290
Financial Aid Please email to contact
New Student Programs (415) 338-3060
Office of International Programs (415) 338-1293
Office of Student Conduct (415) 405-3960
OneCard (415) 338-3619
Parking & Transportation (415) 338-1441
Registrar's Office Please email to contact
Student Activities & Events Please email to contact
Student Outreach Services (415) 338-2355
Undergradute Admissions (415) 338-6486