Offices Open on Campus

Web page last updated on March 25 at 8:45 a.m. PT.


Almost all University offices have shifted operations to make their services available remotely. More details at the links below. 

Links to hours of operation of Offices Open on Campus

On-campus Services




Academic Affairs Administration Building – 4th Floor (415) 338-1141
Accounts Payable Administration Building (415) 405-3693
Basic Needs — Showers Mashouf Wellness Center (415) 405-0485
Bursar’s Office Administration Building  (415) 338-1281
Counseling and Psychological Services Student Services Building (415) 338-2208 Please call to contact
Dean of Students Office Student Services Building (415) 338-8888
Environment, Health and Safety Administration Building (415) 338-2565
Facilities Corp Yard (415) 338-1568
Fiscal Affairs Administration Building (415) 338-1420
Food Vendors Cesar Chavez Student Center (415) 338-1708
Gator Groceries Cesar Chavez Student Center Please email to contact
Housing 800 Font Blvd. (415) 338-1067 
Human Resources Administration Building (415) 338-1872
Information Technology Services Administration Building (415) 338-1420
Library Resources Library 415-338-1854
Mail Services Corp Yard Please email to contact
Property Office Corp Yard Please email to contact
Residential Life 800 Font Blvd. 415-338-1067
Shipping & Receiving Corp Yard Please email to contact
Student Health Center Student Health Center 415-338-1251
University Police Department University Police Department 415-338-2222


List of Offices providing Remote Services

Remote Services



Campus Recreation Please email to contact
Career Services and Leadership Development (415) 338-1764
Disability Programs and Resource Center (415) 338-2472
Educational Opportunity & Pathway Programs Please email to contact
Equity and Community Inclusion (415) 338-7290
Financial Aid Please email to contact
New Student Programs (415) 338-3060
Office of International Programs (415) 338-1293
Office of Student Conduct (415) 405-3960
OneCard (415) 338-3619
Parking & Transportation (415) 338-1441
Registrar's Office Please email to contact
Student Activities & Events Please email to contact
Student Outreach Services (415) 338-2355
Undergradute Admissions (415) 338-6486