A Closer Look: Colleen C. Hoff at AIDS 2014 in Australia

The 20th International AIDS Conference, which is being held this week in Melbourne, Australia, has thousands of top AIDS researchers, public-health advocates and policymakers sharing the latest developments and challenges in their fields. They are also hearing from speakers such as former President Bill Clinton.

Among the presenters this year is Colleen C. Hoff of SF State’s Center for Research and Education on Gender and Sexuality, or CREGS. In collaboration with CREGS colleagues Deepalika Chakravarty and Sean C. Beougher, as well as with Torsten B. Neilands and Lynae A. Darbes of the University of California’s Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, Hoff provided details of research on HIV risk among gay male couples. (Click here to download her PowerPoint presentation.)


Photo of Colleen C. Hoff at AIDS 2014

Big data: Colleen Hoff and a CREGS poster at AIDS 2014

The annual conference this year has been clouded by the tragic loss of 298 people aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which apparently was shot down over eastern Ukraine. At least six luminaries in AIDS/HIV work and research were on that plane and were heading to the conference, organizers said.

CREGS has set up poster-size displays of its research to engage fellow attendees at the conference.


Photo of CREGS AIDS/HIV research poster


Photo of CREGS AIDS/HIV research poster 

-- Anthony Lazarus