Associated Students, Inc. pledges student scholarships

SF State’s Students First scholarship campaign has received a significant boost from Associated Students, Inc. (ASI). The ASI Board of Directors has committed $160,000 in total student scholarships over the next five years, for an annual contribution of $32,000.

An image of the Associated Students, Inc. logoLaunched in 2012, the Students First Campaign aims to counter a reduction in state funding by providing direct support to students with the help of private donors.

The ASI Scholarship will aid students across all disciplines. Two students from each college will receive awards annually, with additional cross-discipline scholarships available for students with disabilities, international students, single parents and others. Awardees will receive up to $1,000, credited as financial aid.

“We’re offering these diverse scholarships because we want to reach as many students as we can,” said ASI President Adenike Hamilton. “With this gift we’re able to show our support for the administration and the Students First Campaign, and the student body as a whole.” 

The ASI President and Board of Directors act as SF State’s student government, representing student interests and providing services to the campus community, including live music events, a weekly farmers market, the Legal Resource Center and Women’s Center in addition to student scholarships.  

“Giving back to the campus community is part of our philosophy,” said Peter Koo, executive director of ASI. “Student fees help support ASI, so this is our way of giving that support right back to the students.”

Scholarship applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors, which aims to reward students who have shown exceptional leadership or faced unlikely challenges in their pursuit of higher education.

"The ASI Board of Directors has set a powerful example of how students on campus can support their fellow students," said Robert J. Nava, Vice President for Advancement. "This gift from ASI will help the University meet the Students First Scholarship campaign goal of raising $12 million by December 2014."

To learn more about SF State’s deserving students and alumni supporters, visit the Students First Campaign website. Additional details about the ASI Scholarship are also available online.

-- Gianna Devoto