Anthropologist wins Global Citizenship Award

The Center for a Public Anthropology has selected SF State Anthropology Lecturer Jeffrey Schonberg to receive the organization's Paul Farmer Global Citizenship Award in recognition of his work to encourage his students to be responsible global citizens.

Lecturer of Anthropology Jeffrey Schoenberg

Anthropology Lecturer Jeffrey Schonberg

The award is named after Paul Farmer, an anthropologist, physician and humanitarian who works to provide health care to rural and under-resourced areas of developing countries, such as Haiti.

"I have an enormous amount of respect for Dr. Paul Farmer, and to be associated with him through this award is an honor," Schonberg said. "His work signifies the role of anthropology in promoting active, global citizens, a role that the Department of Anthropology at SF State emphasizes by encouraging students to realize their potential to shape a just world."

Schonberg received special praise for his participation in the center's Community Action Project, which encourages students to consider ethical issues at the intersection of anthropology and the contemporary world. Schonberg's students' work can be seen at

"In actively addressing important ethical concerns within anthropology, Prof. Schonberg is providing students with the thinking and writing skills needed for active citizenship," Center for a Public Anthropology Director Rob Borofsky wrote in the award announcement.

Schonberg is also an SF State alum, having earned his master's degree in anthropology, education and photojournalism from the University.

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-- Jonathan Morales