Immigration decisions and San Francisco State


Dear Campus Community,

I am writing today to affirm that San Francisco State, the city of San Francisco, the CSU and the State of California will stand by our values and democratic traditions. I’ve asked the leadership team to affirm and to develop steps and strategies that remain true to these values in support of all our students, faculty and staff.  Toward that goal:

  • We will work closely with the Chancellor and his staff to clearly identify the boundaries of our responsibilities and authority to sustain our work on behalf of academic freedom, the mission of this university, our commitment to social justice and the growing challenges faced by many of our students, faculty and staff. The Chancellor along with legal counsel is reviewing the maze of contradictions of the recent Executive Orders from the White House. I look forward to his counsel and directives.
  • Our counseling services and other support functions remain available to respond to the growing sense of anger, fear and indifference many are experiencing. I offer that these are real feelings and attitudes; which I hope and pray will not diminish our sense of hope and justice.
  • I will ask the Cabinet to accelerate a review of our processes so that we may anticipate and respond effectively on behalf of our students, faculty and staff. Each VP will review and analyze their respective areas so that we are prepared to the best of our abilities. For example, how will we identify, alert and inform university employees and students who have international travel scheduled for the spring 2017 term?
  • Student Affairs and the Office of International Programs will begin to assess the impact of the executive orders on students, international travel and our relationships with our university partners abroad. I hope to reassure all our partners that we will continue to honor our relationships with them.
  • I commend and support the efforts of faculty, staff and students to openly discuss and engage the ramifications of the flawed and misdirected immigration policy put into effect by this new president and to engage in productive, informed action.

The deep sense of community and caring which we value here at SF State must not be diminished by the decisions of this president and his administration.

I look forward with confidence that the talented individuals throughout this university will demonstrate to the public and ourselves how deeply we care about the immigrant roots of our country — that these roots continue to contribute and build the fiber our communities. And that we will not turn our backs on them. My immigrant parents would expect no less of me.


Les Wong