Framework to Promote Health and Safety

Dear campus community,
In less than two weeks, San Francisco has moved from the yellow tier (lowest) of COVID-19 risk levels to the purple tier (highest) of risk levels, and Bay Area counties are voluntarily implementing the State’s Regional Stay at Home order to significantly reduce gatherings and additional activities in an effort to stabilize COVID-19. To date, SF State’s cautious approach to the pandemic has resulted in no widespread campus infections, and our limited on-campus operations will continue as planned. However, in the last week we have seen an increase in the number of reported cases on campus. As a community, we must remain vigilant in our efforts to mitigate the risks of infections.
Most members of the SF State community who have come to campus have complied with the health and safety measures required by the campus and local health department. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!
However, due to the alarming increase in cases locally and nationally as well as some reports of a lack of regard for the health and safety measures required by the campus and local health department, the campus must immediately implement a framework to promote full compliance with the campus’ required health and safety measures.
The most important thing to do is to know and practice the requirements whenever you are on campus for face-to-face instruction and operations:
COVID-19 online training
Daily screening
Face coverings
Social distancing
Reporting and contact tracing
Self-isolation and quarantine
Contact Tracing
If a member of the campus community is contacted by the campus’ COVID-19 Response Team or by the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s Contact Tracing team, every effort should be made to collaborate immediately and thoroughly. It is our responsibility as community members to mitigate further spread for campus-related cases. Your cooperation is a legal requirement per state and county health orders.
Compliance Framework
SF State takes seriously all reports of possible violations of the campus’ health and safety requirements and all students, faculty, and staff are subject to appropriate reminders, warnings, and discipline for failure to comply with these requirements.
The preferred method to correct non-compliance with health and safety measures is a respectful reminder between campus community members. It is possible that someone forgot to put on their face covering. In this case, direct but respectful reminders are the best remedy. If reminders do not work, community members should contact their supervisors, in the case of employees, or the Dean of Students for students. Supervisors and the Dean of Students may be able to address incidents of non-compliance before they are reported.
Obvious and continual disregard for the campus’ COVID-19 health and safety requirements may be reported using an online survey. This survey will allow community members to report incidents of non-compliance that they feel threaten the health and safety of the campus community.
SF State is committed to working toward racial equality and to preventing profiling of underrepresented populations. As such, we will not investigate reports that identify individuals solely or primarily by race, ethnicity, religion, or (presumed) language. Moreover, complaints lacking sufficient information may not be investigated.
Reported incidents for students will be directed to the Dean of Students.
Reported incidents for faculty will be directed to the Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development who may direct reports to the faculty member’s Dean.
Reported incidents for staff and administrators will be directed to the Associate Vice President for Human Resources who may direct reports to the employee’s supervisor.
Matters of student or employee discipline are confidential.
Children and other guests are not allowed to be on-site with employees while at work. 
Submissions are not monitored in real time.
If you are reporting an on-campus emergency or a situation that needs immediate attention, please contact the University Police Department at (415) 338-2222.
Thank you again for all you are doing to keep our community safe.
Jeff Wilson
Interim Vice President and CFO
Administration and Finance