Transitions begin


The following e-mail was sent to the campus community on Aug. 2, 2012:

Dear faculty and staff,

My wife, Phyllis, and I want to thank everyone on campus and around the Bay Area and this beautiful state for the warm and gracious welcome.  We have been moved by the broad and genuine commitment to San Francisco State shown by students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and community supporters.  We share their excitement for the future of this great University.  We look forward to our responsibilities and our participation in the life of the University.  More importantly, we look forward to meeting the good people who define this University by their hard and meaningful work and the students whose talents and dreams represent our collective hope for the future.

The challenges ahead of us are daunting only if we want them to be.  San Francisco State University has never been shy in the face of ideas or quiet with our passions.  For me that represents the vitality of a great university.  I want to spend a considerable amount of time engaging each of you about the University’s future and the issues and opportunities that shape your aspirations and passions.  Please don’t be shy if you see me roaming around campus.  I’m not terrific about names and faces, so please just introduce yourself and let me know what is on your mind.

We are not far off from the exciting renewal that comes with a new semester.  My passion for the student experience continues to burn bright.  My passion for learning and personal improvement continues to shape most of my thoughts about leadership and transformation.  And I remind myself daily that respect for the hard work that goes on around me is the heart of one’s character. 

Becoming a meaningful part of the life of this University is important to me and to Phyllis.  We look forward to working with you and representing you effectively.

Les Wong