Spring semester welcome


The following e-mail was sent to the campus community on Jan. 26, 2014:

Dear students, faculty and staff:

Welcome back to the start of classes for spring semester, 2014.

We begin the semester with one fewer building to serve our needs, due to closure of the Science building. While hundreds of your colleagues have been hard at work day and night to minimize the disruptions this may cause, inevitably there will be some confusion and inconvenience.

I ask for your patience and cooperation as we all work together to adjust. Be especially understanding of students -- and faculty -- who may experience delays arriving for classes in locations that are new to them.

Your colleagues have accomplished a Herculean task getting ready for the start of classes. It is not easy to find alternative seats for 9,000-plus enrollments, and to furnish spaces intended for other purposes. I am deeply grateful for the creativity and resourcefulness shown by the college deans, administrators, faculty and staff throughout campus. Their dedication has been remarkable.

Much work remains ahead. Again, please be patient and understanding. Please check the http://buildingclosure.sfsu.edu/ website for updates. You may also address questions to the e-mail answers@sfsu.edu, or call our hotline at 405-4000.

Les Wong