An introduction to our 'Bold Thinkers'

A concrete sign bearing the words "San Francisco State University"

A new column featuring stories that go beyond the headlines

News stories about research can grab your attention — an exciting discovery, the completion of a long-running project, a public outreach project that changes lives. But what about the setbacks, pitfalls, tangents, and motivations that made that culminating moment happen? In our new "Bold Thinkers" section, we'll look behind the headlines to feature stories that can't be captured by a single moment in time.

Our first three profiles feature a historian who unearthed previously untold stories of Asian men in San Francisco's queer history; a psychology graduate student's winding path to a Ph.D. program; and a chemist's long-running project to help repatriate Native American artifacts in museum collections. We hope you enjoy, and that you watch this space for more stories to come.