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Same-sex couples experience unique stressors »

Study finds that same-sex couples benefit from legal marriage, yet the effects of institutionalized discrimination linger.



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Verónica Rabelo speaks to a class of students

SF State Assistant Professor of Management Veronica Rabelo examines how a long-abandoned theory wound up being adopted by those who study workplace conflict. 


Student Success

BECA film students visiting Mexico

SF State Broadcast and Electronic Arts (BECA) students traveled to Mexico to make films about issues of accessibility and public transportation.



A few buds of marijuana

San Francisco State experts discuss the impacts of recreational marijuana sales in the state.



Andrea Swei holding a lizard and tweezers

New research from the lab of Andrea Swei is showing that California may have a thing or two to teach the East Coast about Lyme disease.




“Brave women are nothing new, raised voices are nothing new…What's new here is the level of listening.”

— San Francisco State Creative Writing Assistant Professor Carolina De Robertis, East Bay Express




Federico Ardila, wearing a cap and a plaid button-down shirt, smiles at the camera
Federico Ardila sees shapes in math problems that, at first glance, have nothing to do with geometry. He also sees a radical future for the field of mathematics.


Student Success

Ben Feldman teaches students

The student-led Experimental College – started in 1965 when students wanted classes that were more germane to their lives – is getting a second act, with courses on topics from Chomsky to Syrian refugees.



Student Cameron Angelo poses with a statue

SF State professor shows the diversity of immigrant experiences through a documentary film telling the story of two undocumented college students. 



Sean McFarland in his studio at the Minnesota Street Project

View his lauded work at the Fine Arts Gallery on campus and Casemore/Kirkeby in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood.



Photo of US Army Private Benjamin Tollefson.

A new SF State film project featuring 12 student-produced shorts tells the stories of veterans interred at the San Francisco and Golden Gate national cemeteries.



A student subject wearing a headset plays a virtual reality game in the Department of Kinesiology’s exercise lab while another student holds a clipboard and watches a computer monitor

The Department of Kinesiology is undertaking a first in the nation study on the relationship between virtual reality games and fitness.


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