Fiscal Year 2015/2016 Budget


Dear Faculty, Staff and Students:

I recently received confirmation of the University’s 2015/2016 budget allocation. Here’s where we stand and the solution.

San Francisco State University faces a structural budget deficit of $7 million dollars, or 2 percent of the overall University budget, for the 2015/2016 fiscal year. Although the deficit is modest compared to the overall budget, it is important that the University address imbalances quickly and effectively in order to minimize negative impact and ensure adequate funding to support the University’s strategic initiatives and growth. If we don’t address the imbalance now, it will only worsen. It is imperative that we act.

When reviewing the available options, the solution that best promotes classroom teaching and sustains student service excellence is straightforward and clear. We will reallocate unused funds from vacant staff and administrative, non-teaching, positions to balance the budget, preserve classroom funding and avoid the need for budget cuts.

During the past year, Administration and Finance strengthened the University’s ability to identify unused funds from vacant administrative positions. Reallocating the unused funds will not only protect teaching excellence, sustain student services and promote efficiency, it will also save jobs. No jobs will be lost through the budget reallocation.

Given the uncertainties of higher education funding, it is essential that the 2015/2016 budget, and all future San Francisco State University budgets, strengthen and protect the University’s ability to achieve and sustain its strategic goals and world-class teaching for the future.  Consequently, I will consider similar reallocations of unused or underutilized funds as opportunities are presented, and will continue to share relevant budget information with you.


Les Wong,