Capturing our school spirit


The following e-mail was sent to the campus community on Aug. 26, 2014:

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni:

Together, you are a remarkable community. Innovative, accomplished, filled with curiosity and creativity. Collectively we’re known for challenging the status quo and for making waves. In summary -- the SF State community is a force to be reckoned with.

I’ve struggled in the past to reconcile that tenacious courage with our campus mascot, the Gator. Some of you will recall that last spring I floated the idea of finding a new mascot to represent the SF State spirit.  I was impressed with the passionate loyalty many of you expressed for “Al E. Gator,” and took that feedback to heart.

In discussing your input with our new Director of Athletics, Charles Guthrie, he proposed a third path -- save the Gator, but update the look. 

I’m pleased to announce that the Gator lives. The mascot mark has been updated and modernized to reflect the campus we are today, and will replace all previous Gator images. You will begin to see the new Gator throughout campus, on the Athletics website, and most important—at games where our athletes will aggressively demonstrate the SF State winning spirit.

Please visit for a first glimpse of the new Gator. I look forward to seeing you around campus -- and at games -- sporting Gator gear and showing your campus spirit.

Les Wong,