Message from President Wong: Possible CFA strike


Dear Campus Community:

I want to assure you that if a strike occurs, our campus, and all of the CSU’s campuses, will remain open.While some classes may be canceled, many classes will be held, as not all faculty will strike. Students are advised to check with their instructors about their individual class schedules and, if your class is scheduled, you should attend. We anticipate that all campus operations and administrative services will be available, and scheduled events will be held. The campus will remain open to students, staff and the public. University police and security will be serving the campus to ensure a safe environment for all, which is always one of our primary goals.

The strike should not interfere with students being able to complete their semester courses and graduate on time. Faculty who strike will generally arrange for assigned reading or other work if their classes are canceled.

If a strike does occur, it is important to note the following:

  • No individual, including students, can be compelled to take either the CSU administration’s position or the CFA’s position;
  • Classroom time cannot and should not be used by faculty to discuss issues related to the strike;
  • Students cannot be compelled to walk out of class, walk picket lines, stay away from campus or support the strike as part of a class assignment or in exchange for a grade;
  • Striking faculty may not block or otherwise obstruct student access to campus, campus services or the classroom.

I also want you to be aware that should a strike occur, media may be on campus and may ask people to comment. You may feel free to direct any such inquiries to our media relations team, should you so wish, at (415) 338-1665 or refer them to the news site at

I again emphasize that in the event of a strike, we plan to maintain full campus operations with minimal disruption to students, faculty, staff and guests. We respect our faculty’s rights and remain committed to the collective bargaining process. I encourage you to review the Frequently Asked Questions document online at for more information.

I will keep you apprised of any updates by posting information at the website listed above and through follow-up email messages, as needed.


Les Wong