A Message from President Wong about pouring rights 11/19


Dear SF State community,

Earlier this year, I directed my staff to explore whether partnering with a beverage company could benefit SF State by providing much-needed funding for student programs while also allowing us to regulate the existing on-campus beverage market. In doing so, I asked that they develop an open and transparent evaluation process that allowed all members of our campus community the opportunity to share their input. After listening carefully to the concerns and information I received from our students, faculty and staff, I have decided not to move forward with the process of establishing a partnership with a beverage company.

As president, I have an obligation to explore all avenues for obtaining additional resources for our students, faculty and staff, especially as state support for public universities has diminished. This decision will mean the loss of potential funding for student programs, scholarships and athletics. I remain committed to finding ways to generate additional financial support for our students and programs, and I hope that students will join me in this effort.

At SF State, we pride ourselves on our willingness to work together to address important issues and on speaking up for the things we care passionately about. I want to thank all members of the community who participated in this process, as well as the students, faculty and staff who devoted their time to serving on the evaluation committee.

Les Wong
San Francisco State University