December 24, 2015 closure


Dear Faculty, Staff and Students, 

In celebration of the holiday season, Governor Brown authorized a half-day informal time off for state employees. Additionally, Chancellor White has granted the other half of the day as time off for Chancellor's Office employees so that the Chancellor's Office can close for the entire day.

The Chancellor has also granted authority to the presidents to allow additional informal time off to supplement the Governor’s informal time off (on either December 24 or December 31, 2015) at their respective campuses. Campuses can be closed for the entire day (with the exception of essential personnel) if presidents authorize additional time off on the same day that the Governor's informal time off is observed.

As president, I am granting the additional time off to supplement the Governor’s informal time off on December 24, 2015. Campus will be closed for the entire day, with the exception of essential personnel.

Please enjoy the day, enjoy your families, friends and perhaps a good book.  My best to you during this holiday period.


Leslie E. Wong